USB Charger,Car Charger and Adapter

E-cigChargers USB Charger,Car Charger and Adapter

  • USB Charger FS54 series.
    Car Charger FS55 series.
    USB Adapter FS57 series.
    Works for all types of E-cig like FS812, FS510/eGo, FS808, etc.
    Highest Quality with self-protection IC built-in.
    No Burnt, No Destroy. Safe and long using life.

****** USB CHARGER ******

USB Charger FS54A & FS54B  for E-cigs

* All FARSEE USB Charger FS54 series are upgraded with new built-in Short-Circuit Protective IC.

* All new USB chargers FS54 have 4.2V, 0.1A to 0.5A output to guarantee the enough current for charging and protect all types of batteries well enough.

* USB Charger for all cigarettes: FS812, FS801, FS510, FS4808, FS eGo, RN4072, DSE901, RN4081, RN4082, RN40803 and RN4088 series.

* It could be connected to PC, USB adapter, car or some other devices with USB interface to recharge the battery of the E-cigarette. 

*** USB Charger FS54A  for FS812/510 (with wire)

  *** Wireless USB Charger FS54B

*** Wireless USB Charger FS54C for E-cigs

*** Outer-screw USB Charger FS54D


****** USB ADAPTER ******

USB Wall Adapter FS57B and FS57C

* USB Adapter to support all USB chargers/connectors.
* Working in a wide voltage range of 100 to 240V, 50/60Hz to support most areas’ power supply.
* With different types of plugs: US, EU, UK, Australia, etc.

* All FARSEE USB Adapters FS57 series are upgraded with new built-in Short-Circuit Protective IC.
* All new USB adapters FS57 have 5V, 1A output to guarantee the charging current.


*** New Design FS57N Series

USB Adapter FS57N and FS57W

* FS57N Size: 48mm(L) x 34.5mm(W) x 14mm(H)
* US plug or EU plug for choice.
* Input: 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz
   Output: 5V, 1A.

* FS57W Size: 28(H) x 26(W) x 26(L)mm
   Output: 5V, 1A

* New fashionable USB adapter.
* Small-size and light design for all USB connectors/chargers.
* Built-in protective IC to protect the charging procedure.
* High quality materials and ideal craftwork.
* Designed and produced by FARSEE for all E-cig users.

* Different Colors Available.


****** CAR CHARGER ******

Car Adapter FS55N and FS55W 

* FS55N Size: 36(L) x 16(D)mm

   Output: 5V, 1A

* Smallest Car Adapter. Highest Quality and Technology.

* OEM is welcome.

* FS55W Size: 62(L) x 34(D)mm

   Output: 5V, 1A