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Flat Key-press FS eGo battery

1, New flat key-press FS eGo battery.
2, Regular battery, key-press voltage battery, bottom twist variable voltage battery for choice.
3, 650mAh, 900mAh and 1100mAh battery for choice.
4, Different colors, LEDs and OEM available.
5, New vogue design for all FS eGo/Tank series.
6, Three LED colors to show different power left.
Products details

***General Introduction:

The FS eGo flat key-press battery adapts the new flat key-press design. The flat key has the rounding LED to show the status of the battery. New FS eGo flat key-press battery has three versions: Regular flat-key eGo battery (same function as the old type manual eGo battery); Key-press variable voltage eGo battery; Twist variable voltage eGo battery. It is very suitable for smokers' operation.

All new FS eGo batteries are upgraded with the new PCB to warranty the best quality and technology. They are totally different from the old version or other eGo batteries in the market. OEM is welcome.

*** Main structure:

* FS560 650mAh battery:

   FS eGo flat-key 650mAh battery:

   14(D)mm x 82(L)mm

* FS560 1100mAh Battery:

   FS eGo flat-key 1100mAh battery:

   14(D)mm x 106(L)mm

* For regular flat-key FS eGo battery:

    The LED blinks 3times to indicate the recharging.

    LED blinks 3times when battery is connected with charger. After fully recharged, LED blinks 20times and charger LED will turn green from red. 

    LED blinks 5times when one puff is more than 12seconds. 

    When pressing 5times within 2seconds, battery will be turnt off with LED 3times' blinking. 

 * FS550 Twist Variable Voltage Battery:

    650mAh: 14mm (D) x 98mm (L)

    1100mAh: 14mm (D) x 123mm (L)

* Old type manual eGo battery:

    650mAh: 14mm(D) x 73mm(L)

    1100mAh: 14mm(D) x 96mm(L)

Power FS eGo Battery Size (MM)
íí Old Manual Flat Key-press Key-press Variable Volatge Twist Variable Voltage
650mAh 14 x 73 14 x 82 14 x 82 14 x 98
1100mAh 14 x 96 14 x 106 14 x 106 14 x 123

 * Flat Key-press FS eGo battery, different colors, different power capacities, different functions for choice.

* Different packaging for choice: Gift box, Leather bag, Metal case, etc.