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Blister Card for FS eGo

1, Blister card packaging for FS eGo.
2, Removable or sealed blister cards for choice.
3, Different tank systems for choice. FS-T5 as default.
4, FS eGo with tank system and USB charger.
Products details

***General Introduction:

The blister card is designed especially for FS eGo with FS Tank systems. It has the battery, tank cartomizer and USB charger. The back card can be removable or sealed by hot-machine. You can choose what you prefer.

Your OEM on the blister card is welcome. You can choose the blister box to pack FS eGo series too.

 *** Main structure: 1pc battery + 1pc FS Tank + 1pc USB Charger

* Battery: using the best lithium-battery core.

   Power Capacity: 650mAh or 1100mAh.

  Different colors or LED colors for choice.

* FS Tank series: FS-T4, FS-T5, FS-T3, FS-T6, etc.

   Different colors or tank types for choice.

* USB charger: FS eGo Special USB charger.

* FS eGo Blister Packaging.

* Blister can be the removable type or the sealed type (by hot-machine). You can choose freely.