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Blister Box for FS eGo

1,Upgraded FS eGo battery with the latest technology and structure.
2,FS Tank series with the highest quality.
3,New blister box packaging for FS eGo series with Tank cartridges.
4,Different types of FS Tank series can be packed inside.
5,Blister or inside card can be OEM.
Products details

***General Introduction:

The Blister Box is blister packaging for FS eGo series.  It is the popular retail packing way.

New FS eGo Battery is compatible with the most used screws in the eGo market. FS Tank series will be richer and richer to meet the different smokers' requirements. We keep designing new FS Tanks to lead the E-cig developing. 

FS eGo blister box can pack FS eGo battery with USB charger and all types of different Tank cartridges.

*** Main components: 1pc FS eGo battery + 1pc FS Tank + 1pc USB Chager w/cable

*  Battery: 650mAh as default. (1100mAh can be packed too)

New FS eGo Battery is compatible with the most used eGo components in the market. The battery adapts the best technology and materials like the strongest battery core and PCB to guarantee the battery quality and using life. It supplys the steady strong power to all types of FS Tanks or Cartomizers.

* FS Tank: FS-T3/T3s, FS-T4, FS-T5, FS-T6, FS-T7, etc.

FS-T5 as default in the blister box. FS-T5 is the most used eGo tank with a rebuildable core. It works the most steady with big smog and fluent puffing, no leaking, no noise. Top-refilling meets most smokers' habit. 

* USB Charger:FS eGo USB charger with long cable, suitable for different power supply environment. Output power is 4.2V/420mA to charge the eGo battery quickly and safely.

* Great blister box design. Vogue and classical packaging way for FS eGo series. You are welcomed to try.

* The blister box itself can be OEM printing. Our default packaging is with paper card inside.  

* FS eGo with FS-T5. (650mAh battery)