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FS eGo

1,Classic FS eGo.
2,With 6pcs mega cartomizers per kit.
3,Best quality and technology.
4,Different colors and flavors for choice.
5,Different confirguration for choice.
Products details

***General Introduction:

The FS eGo is the most classic big type E-cigarette. FARSEE's eGo is upgraded into the best quality and technology. The best battery core and PCB are used inside. We have 650mAh or 1100mAh battery for choice.

FS eGo has the full cartomizer series like the disposable cartridge (mega cartomizer), tank cartomizer (FS-T1 to FS-T8), T-atomizer and C-atomizer.

FS eGo Gift Kit can pack cartomizers or tank cartomizers. OEM is welcome.

*** Main structure: 1pc battery + 1pc cartomizer + 1pc shell

* Battery: using the best lithium-battery core.

   Power: 650mAh or 1100mAh. Load-voltage: 3.50V±5%. 80 mΩ

   Charging time: ≤4.5hours

   Using life: more than 300times.

   Puff amount (fully recharged): more than 400puffs.

   Operation temperature:  0~45íŠ

   Storage temperature: -10~45íŠ

* Cartomizer: Please view the details here  FSeGo Cartomizer.

* Tank Cartomizer: Please see the related page of FS-T1, FS-T2, FS-T3, FS-T3s, FS-T4, FS-T5, FS-T5c, FS-8, eGo-T and eGo-C.

* USB Charger: (With cable: FS54A, without cable: FS54B. FS54A and FS54B have the same inside structure.)

 Input: 5.0 - 5.3V, 0.15mA.

 Output: 4.5 - 4.8V, 0.12mA.

* USB Wall Adapter:

 Input: AC100 - 240V, 50/60Hz

 Output: DC5V, 1000mAh.

* Charger's default packaging: Glossy White Box.

 *** FS eGo Default Packaging:




FSeGo Battery


650mAh, black color/white LED as default.

FS510 Mega Cartomizer


1.2ML, 450puffs.

Black color, Marlboro 18mg as default.

USB Charger and Adapter


 Safe output: DC 4.5 - 4.8V 0.12A

User Manual


Model number: FS eGo

Gift Box


 Leather surface with bronzing characters.

* FS eGo Tank Kit: Please visit the FS-T tank system's page.

* eGo lanyards or holders, please visit the page of lanyard.