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Auto eGo FS530 Series

1,Auto Battery for FS510/eGo series.
2,650mAh or 1100mAh for choice.
3,Available for all types of 510/eGo cartomizers and tank systems.
4,Integrative battery design without the key-ring.
Products details

***General Introduction:

FS530 uses the bigger type auto batteries of 650mAh or 1100mAh for choice. There is no key-press as manual battery and no key-ring as FS520 series. You can smoke the big E-cig like the regular small e-cig, freely and favorably.

FS530's screw/nut is fully compatible with 510/eGo series' components. They use the same cartomizer, FS-T3, FS-T4, FS-T5, FS-T6, etc. Their USB charger/adapters are the same too. So we can call it Auto-eGo.

*** Main structure:

* FS530 with cartomizer: FS530 Battery + Cartomizer + Shell

* FS530 with tank system: FS530 Battery + Convertor + Tank

* FS530 with T-atomizer: FS530 Battery + Convertor + T-atomizer + Mouthpiece

* FS530 Battery:

   650mAh or 110mAh for choice.

   Input: 4.2V, 60/50Hz

   Battery head without key-ring.

* Cartomizers:

   FS510/eGo cartomizer (no need convertor);

   T-atomizer, C-atomizer, FS-Tank systems like FS-T1, FS-T2, FS-T3, FS-T4, FS-T5, etc.(with convertor)

* Charger:

   Wireless USB Charger (no need convertor, designed especially for FS520/FS530 battery);

   Regular eGo USB charger + Convertor.

* FS530 Battery's full view. (With and without convertor)